The business value that companies can get from Blockchain is providing greater confidence in the information they handle and the processes they run. This can be game-changer in businesses involving certification of information, management and protection of physical or digital assets, traceability of processes or conciliation between several sources.

One of the most disruptive use case is tokenization, that enables companies to create cryptographically secure markets to exchange value and very powerful strategies to engage users in using services by rewarding them fairly. But the Blockchain technologies are complex and requires specialized knowledge, so it is difficult for a startup to incorporate them into its business.

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Abstract the complexity of technology implementing the basic operations to leverage the power of blockchain. Focus on your applications and use cases instead of wasting time learning blockchain

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"The offer of the different applications of Telefónica's Blockchain Activation Programme means that startups, small and medium-sized companies may have available a wide range of blockchain-based solutions, which work in a plug and play way, to integrate into their different systems and processes."

Manuel Moregal,

CINO at Smart Protection

How we will help you

We will provide you free access to exclusive services and tools to integrate blockchain capabilities into your solutions, so you can minimise the complexity and time to market, being able to take advantage of this new technologies.

The key component is TrustOS, the operating system for Trust that enables you to take advantage of all Blockchain features through different modules. In addition, thanks to the collaboration between Wayra and Amazon, access to Amazon AWS Activate and other pearks provided by Wayra.

The use of private and public technologies of Blockchain in TrustOS allows us to provide transparency and confidence about the impossibility of altering the information once it is recorded, and also guaranteeing the performance and scalability necessary for the operation of the business. The best of both worlds, thanks to our unique hybrid architecture.

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A complete Blockchain solution which abstracts all the complexity of blockchain technology. TrustOS is:

SIMPLE: you only need to invoke a set of simple APIs from your app or service, just HTTP connectivity is needed

OPEN: no vendor or technology lock-in, you can even help us to extend and evolve the software

TELCO-GRADE: just connect to blockchain in the same terms of service you connect the Internet or you make voice calls

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Tracking the whole lifecycle of assets. Creation, management, and exportation in digital form


Creation and management of transferable tokens to build new markets and gamification strategies


    Settled visions of fragmented views. Settlement of record structures, aggregations and operations


      Ensure confidence and integrity in the information generated in your business

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        Why Telefónica TrustOS

        To ease companies access to Blockchain

        • Karma

          Karma is a program for employees of the Telefónica Group, whose objective is to identify, promote and recognise the actions and/or activities that are carried out beyond their daily work and that add value to the Group.

        • Settle User Interface

        • An user interface for Settle module.


        With the support of
        Telefonica's Global Innovation Unit and Wayra

        Telefonica Blockchain Competence Center



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